Things That Can Be Homebuyer Turnoffs

Home buyers want the house to be in a pristine condition while they are inspecting it. A large majority of buyers may turn around and walk away if they notice any issues. Here is a list of things that can be a turnoff for homebuyers:

Unpleasant Odours

One of the biggest turnoffs for homebuyers is an unpleasant odour.  Cigarette smoke and pets or even the odour of mildew doesn’t create a good impression on buyers. Get rid of all unpleasant odours prior to the buyers’ visit. Ensure your house has a clean and fresh atmosphere.

Pets That Greet You at Doorways

Dogs often frighten many people or can even irritate some people. Buyers will have a better response if there are no animals present during the showings. Have someone look after your pet or ensure they are in a special enclosure or areas during showings. This shows you respect the homebuyers.

Untidy Bathrooms

Dirty or untidy bathrooms are a turnoff for many buyers. If you are keen on selling your house, scrubbing the tiles and grout, installing a new shower, adding fresh towels, and shower curtains are all crucial aspects to focus on.

Dim Rooms

Many homebuyers find dim and dark houses to be a turn-off. Brighten the house up by:

  •   Replacing dim lighting
  •   Installing new lighting fixtures
  •   Draw back the curtains and let the light stream in
  •   Install skylights if possible
  •   Repaint rooms to reflect light
  •   Trim the trees outside that keeps your house in shadows

Aside from these things, dirty windows can prove to be another turnoff for some buyers. Clean them inside out to help bring in additional sunlight. Consider replacing any broken windows, you can detect them by looking for fog residue that doesn’t come off.

Walls Covered With Wallpapers

Wallpapers too can prove to be a turnoff for many prospective buyers. People who enjoy putting up wallpapers may not like the wallpaper you have chosen. It is a personal touch that buyers want to add themselves. While selling your house, consider what the buyers might want. Their preferences matter much more than yours. Remove the existing wallpaper and paint the wall. Avoid painting over the wallpaper as it is easily noticeable and buyers know removing it is far more difficult.

Moisture in Basements

The damp smell in basements is an instant turnoff for many. This moisture buildup is a result of water pooling near the structure’s foundation. Some common reasons for this include:

  •   Clogged underground drains
  •   No existing rain gutters on the roofline
  •   Downspouts aimed in the wrong direction

Ill-Maintained Curb

In order to sell your house at the best possible price, start from the curb. Many buyers refuse to inspect houses that have old or peeling paint, ill-maintained yard or sagging doors, fix the doors and the yard to get buyers interested in your house.

Sellers Present At Showings

Consider leaving the house when buyers visit. Being present during showings makes them uncomfortable when they’re inspecting closets and other rooms. Give the buyer space to move around and check out everything without feeling uncomfortable or awkward.

By avoiding these potential turnoffs while selling your house, you can ensure that potential buyers have a more positive feel about your property, increasing the chances of a sale.

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